Refresh 方法范例 (VBScript)

以下范例举例说明如何在运行时设置必要的 RDS.DataControl 参数。使用 Refresh 方法检索 Recordset 的方式取决于 ExecuteOptionsFetchOptions 属性的设置。如要测试该范例,请剪切该代码并粘贴至规范的 HTML 文本的 <Body></Body> 标记之间,并将其命名为“ADCapi2.asp”。ASP 脚本将标识服务器。

<TITLE>Refresh / ExecuteOptions</TITLE>
<Center><H2>RDS API Code Examples </H2>
<Object CLASSID="clsid:AC05DC80-7DF1-11d0-839E-00A024A94B3A"
   <PARAM NAME="AllowAddNew" VALUE="TRUE">
   <PARAM NAME="AllowDelete" VALUE="TRUE">
   <PARAM NAME="AllowUpdate" VALUE="TRUE">
   <PARAM NAME="Caption" VALUE="Remote Data Service Run Time">
</OBJECT><!-- 在设计时设置的不带参数的 RDS.DataControl -->
<OBJECT classid="clsid:BD96C556-65A3-11D0-983A-00C04FC29E33"
<Input Size=70 Name="txtServer" Value="http://<%=Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME")%>"><BR>
<Input Size=70 Name="txtConnect" Value = "dsn=ADCDemo;UID=ADCDemo;PWD=ADCDemo;"><BR>
<Input Size=70 Name="txtSQL" Value="Select * from Employee">
Choose if you want the Recordset brought back Synchronously on the current calling thread or Asynchronously on another thread
<Input Type="Radio" Name="optExecuteOptions" Checked OnClick="SetExO('adcExecSync')">
<Input Type="Radio" Name="optExecuteOptions"  OnClick="SetExO('adcExecAsync')"><BR>
Fetch Up Front, Background Fetch with Blocking or Background Fetch without Blocking
<Input Type="Radio" Name="optFetchOptions"  OnClick="SetFO('adcFetchUpFront')">
<Input Type="Radio" Name="optFetchOptions" Checked OnClick="SetFO('adcFetchBackground')">
<Input Type="Radio" Name="optFetchOptions"  OnClick="SetFO('adcFetchAsync')">
<H4>Fill Grid with these values or change them to see data from another ODBC data source on your server</H4>
<Script Language="VBScript">
Dim EO          'ExecuteOptions
Dim FO         'FetchOptions
EO = "adcExecSync"   ' 默认值
FO = "adcFetchBackground"   ' 默认值
Sub SetExO(NewEO)
   EO = NewEO
End Sub
Sub SetFO(NewFO)
   FO = NewFO
End Sub
' 在运行时设置 RDS.DataControl 参数。
Sub Run_OnClick
   ADC.Server = txtServer.Value
   ADC.SQL = txtSQL.Value
   ADC.Connect = txtConnect.Value
If EO = "adcExecSync" Then      ' 选择 ExecuteOption
   ADC.ExecuteOptions = adcExecSync
      MsgBox "Recordset brought in on current calling thread Syncronously"
   ADC.ExecuteOptions = adcExecAsync
         MsgBox "Recordset brought in on another thread Asyncronously"
End IfIf FO = "adcFetchBackground" Then      ' 选择 FetchOption
   ADC.FetchOptions = adcFetchBackground
      MsgBox "Control goes back to user after first batch of records returned"
ElseIf FO = " adcFetchUpFront" Then
   ADC.FetchOptions = adcFetchUpFront
         MsgBox "All records returned before control goes back to user"
   ADC.FetchOptions = adcFetchAsync
         MsgBox "Control goes back to user immediately"
End IfADC.RefreshEnd Sub