(PHP 3>= 3.0.9, PHP 4 )

cpdf_import_jpeg -- Opens a JPEG image


int cpdf_import_jpeg ( int pdf_document, string file_name, float x-coor, float y-coor, float angle, float width, float height, float x-scale, float y-scale, int gsave [, int mode])

The cpdf_import_jpeg() function opens an image stored in the file with the name file name. The format of the image has to be jpeg. The image is placed on the current page at position (x-coor, y-coor). The image is rotated by angle degrees. gsave should be non-zero to allow this function to operate correctly.

可选参数 mode 决定单元的长度。如果为 0 或被省略则使用该页指定的默认单元。否则坐标忽略当前单元而使用 postscript 的点来度量。

See also cpdf_place_inline_image().

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