(PHP 3>= 3.0.8, PHP 4 )

dba_fetch -- Fetch data specified by key


string dba_fetch ( string key, resource handle)

string dba_fetch ( string key, int skip, resource handle)

dba_fetch() fetches the data specified by key from the database specified with handle.

Key is the key the data is specified by.

Skip is the number of key-value pairs to ignore when using cdb databases. This value is ignored for all other databases which do not support multiple keys with the same name.

Handle is a database handle returned by dba_open().

dba_fetch() returns the associated string or FALSE, if the key/data pair is found or not found, respectively.

See also: dba_exists(), dba_delete(), dba_insert(), dba_replace() and dba_key_split().

注: The skip parameter is available since PHP 4.3 to support cdb's capability of multiple keys having the same name.

注: When working with inifiles this function accepts arrays as keys where index 0 is the group and index 1 is the value name. See: dba_key_split().

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