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DomDocument->dump_file --  Dumps the internal XML tree back into a file


string DomDocument->dump_file ( string filename [, bool compressionmode [, bool format]])

Creates an XML document from the dom representation. This function usually is called after building a new dom document from scratch as in the example below. The format specifies whether the output should be neatly formatted, or not. The first parameter specifies the name of the filename and the second parameter, whether it should be compressed or not.

例子 1. Creating a simple HTML document header

= domxml_new_doc("1.0");
$root = $doc->create_element("HTML");
$root = $doc->append_child($root);
$head = $doc->create_element("HEAD");
$head = $root->append_child($head);
$title = $doc->create_element("TITLE");
$title = $head->append_child($title);
$text = $doc->create_text_node("This is the title");
$text = $title->append_child($text);
$doc->dump_file("/tmp/test.xml", false, true);

See also domdocument_dump_mem() domdocument_html_dump_mem().

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