(PHP 4 >= 4.2.0)

fbsql_read_blob -- Read a BLOB from the database


string fbsql_read_blob ( string blob_handle [, resource link_identifier])

Returns: A string containing the BLOB specified by blob_handle.

fbsql_read_blob() reads BLOB data from the database. If a select statement contains BLOB and/or CLOB columns FrontBase will return the data directly when data is fetched. This default behavior can be changed with fbsql_set_lob_mode() so the fetch functions will return handles to BLOB and CLOB data. If a handle is fetched a user must call fbsql_read_blob() to get the actual BLOB data from the database.

例子 1. fbsql_read_blob() example

= fbsql_pconnect("localhost", "_SYSTEM", "secret")
        or die(
"Could not connect");
$rs = fbsql_query($sql, $link);
$row_data = fbsql_fetch_row($rs);
// $row_data[0] will now contain the blob data for the first row
$rs = fbsql_query($sql, $link);
fbsql_set_lob_mode($rs, FBSQL_LOB_HANDLE);
$row_data = fbsql_fetch_row($rs);
// $row_data[0] will now contain a handle to the BLOB data in the first row
$blob_data = fbsql_read_blob($row_data[0]);

See also: fbsql_create_blob(), fbsql_read_blob(), fbsql_read_clob(), and fbsql_set_lob_mode().

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