(PHP 3>= 3.0.7, PHP 4 )

ibase_blob_get --  Get len bytes data from open blob


string ibase_blob_get ( resource blob_handle, int len)

This function returns at most len bytes from a BLOB that has been opened for reading by ibase_blob_open(). Returns FALSE on failure.

= "SELECT blob_value FROM table";
$result    = ibase_query($sql);
$data      = ibase_fetch_object($result);
$blob_data = ibase_blob_info($data->BLOB_VALUE);
$blob_hndl = ibase_blob_open($data->BLOB_VALUE);
ibase_blob_get($blob_hndl, $blob_data[0]);

Whilst this example doesn't do much more than a 'ibase_blob_echo($data->BLOB_VALUE)' would do, it does show you how to get information into a $variable to manipulate as you please.

注: It is not possible to read from a BLOB that has been opened for writing by ibase_blob_create().

See also ibase_blob_open(), ibase_blob_close() and ibase_blob_echo().

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