(PHP 3>= 3.0.3, PHP 4 )

imap_sort -- Sort an array of message headers


array imap_sort ( resource stream, int criteria, int reverse [, int options [, string search_criteria]])

Returns an array of message numbers sorted by the given parameters.

Reverse is 1 for reverse-sorting.

Criteria can be one (and only one) of the following:

  • SORTDATE - message Date

  • SORTARRIVAL - arrival date

  • SORTFROM - mailbox in first From address

  • SORTSUBJECT - message subject

  • SORTTO - mailbox in first To address

  • SORTCC - mailbox in first cc address

  • SORTSIZE - size of message in octets

The flags are a bitmask of one or more of the following:

  • SE_UID - Return UIDs instead of sequence numbers

  • SE_NOPREFETCH - Don't prefetch searched messages

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