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ircg_list -- List topic/user count of channel(s)


bool ircg_list ( resource connection, string channel)

ircg_list() will request a list of users in the channel. The answer is sent to the output defined by ircg_set_file() or ircg_set_current(). 如果成功则返回 TRUE,失败则返回 FALSE

例子 1. ircg_list() example


// connect to server
$id = ircg_pconnect($nickname, $ip, $port);

// set to output to a file
ircg_set_file($id, 'irc_output.html');

// try to join a channel
if (!ircg_join($id, $channel)) {
"Cannot /join $channel<br />";

// send list command
ircg_list($id, $channel);

// wait for output to arrive

// disconnect
ircg_disconnect($id,'Bye World');

// output everything


This example will output something similar to:

Channel #channel has n users and the topic is 'Topic'
End of LIST

See also: ircg_set_file(), ircg_set_current(), and ircg_who().

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