(PHP 4 >= 4.0.5)

mssql_next_result -- Move the internal result pointer to the next result


bool mssql_next_result ( resource result_id)

When sending more than one SQL statement to the server or executing a stored procedure with multiple results, it will cause the server to return multiple result sets. This function will test for additional results available form the server. If an additional result set exists it will free the existing result set and prepare to fetch the rows from the new result set. The function will return TRUE if an additional result set was available or FALSE otherwise.

例子 1. mssql_next_result() example

= mssql_connect("localhost", "userid", "secret");
mssql_select_db("MyDB", $link);
$SQL = "Select * from table1 select * from table2";
$rs = mssql_query($SQL, $link);
    do {
        while (
$row = mssql_fetch_row($rs)) {
    } while (

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