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oci_define_by_name --  Uses a PHP variable for the define-step during a SELECT


bool oci_define_by_name ( resource statement, string column_name, mixed &variable [, int type])

oci_define_by_name() defines PHP variables for fetches of SQL-Columns. Be careful that Oracle uses ALL-UPPERCASE column names, whereby in your select you can also write lowercase. oci_define_by_name() expects the column_name to be in uppercase. If you define a variable that doesn't exists in your select statement, no error will issued.

If you need to define an abstract datatype (LOB/ROWID/BFILE) you must allocate it first using oci_new_descriptor(). See also the oci_bind_by_name() function.

例子 1. oci_define_by_name() example

/* oci_define_by_name example - thies at thieso dot net (980219) */

$conn = oci_connect("scott", "tiger");

$stmt = oci_parse($conn, "SELECT empno, ename FROM emp");

/* the define MUST be done BEFORE oci_execute! */

oci_define_by_name($stmt, "EMPNO", $empno);
oci_define_by_name($stmt, "ENAME", $ename);


while (
oci_fetch($stmt)) {
"empno:" . $empno . "\n";
"ename:" . $ename . "\n";


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