(PHP 4 >= 4.0.1)

pdf_add_bookmark -- Adds bookmark for current page


int pdf_add_bookmark ( resource pdfdoc, string text [, int parent [, int open]])

Add a nested bookmark under parent, or a new top-level bookmark if parent = 0. Returns a bookmark descriptor which may be used as parent for subsequent nested bookmarks. If open = 1, child bookmarks will be folded out, and invisible if open = 0.

例子 1. pdf_add_bookmark() example

// create a new PDF

$pdf = pdf_new();
pdf_set_info($pdf, "Author", "Bob Nijman");

// begin a new page
pdf_begin_page($pdf, 300, 300);

// add a top-level bookmark
$bookmark = pdf_add_bookmark($pdf, "People");

// add a nested bookmark
pdf_add_bookmark($pdf, "Rasmus", $bookmark);

// and some text
pdf_set_font($pdf, "Helvetica", 20, "host");
$text = "This is R's page";
$width = pdf_stringwidth($pdf, $text);
pdf_set_text_pos($pdf, (300-$width)/2, 100);
pdf_show($pdf, $text);

// close the page and the PDF


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