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simplexml_element->xpath --  Runs Xpath query on XML data.


array simplexml_element->xpath ( string path)

The xpath method searches the SimpleXML node for children matching the Xpath path. It always returns an array of simplexml_element objects.

例子 1. Xpath

= <<<XML
$xml = simplexml_load_string($string);

/* Search for <a><b><c> */
$result = $xml->xpath('/a/b/c');

while(list( ,
$node) = each($result)) {
'/a/b/c: ',$node,"\n";

/* Relative paths also work... */
$result = $xml->xpath('b/c');

while(list( ,
$node) = each($result)) {
'b/c: ',$node,"\n";

This script will display:

/a/b/c: text
/a/b/c: stuff
b/c: text
b/c: stuff

Notice that the two results are equal.

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