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simplexml_load_file --  Interprets an XML file into an object.


object simplexml_element simplexml_load_file ( string filename)

This function will convert the well-formed XML document in the file specified by filename to an object of class simplexml_element. If any errors occur during file access or interpretation, the function returns FALSE.

例子 1. Interpret an XML document

// The file test.xml contains an XML document with a root element
// and at least an element /[root]/title.

if (file_exists('test.xml')) {
$xml = simplexml_load_file('test.xml');

} else {
'Failed to open test.xml.');

This script will display, on success:

simplexml_element Object
  [title] => Example Title

At this point, you can go about using $xml->title and any other elements.

See also: simplexml_load_string()

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