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SoapClient::SoapClient --  SoapClient constructor


object SoapClient::SoapClient ( mixed wsdl [, array options])

This constructor allows creating SoapClient objects in WSDL or non-WSDL mode. The first case requires the URI of WSDL file as the first parameter and an optional options array. The second case requires NULL as the first parameter and the options array with location and uri options set, where location is a URL to request and uri is a target namespace of the SOAP service.

The style and use options only work in non-WSDL mode. In WSDL mode, they comes from the WSDL file.

The soap_version option specifies whether to use SOAP 1.1, or SOAP 1.2 client.

For HTTP authentication, you may use the login and password options. For making a HTTP connection through a proxy server, use the options proxy_host, proxy_port, proxy_login and proxy_password.

例子 1. SoapClient examples


= new SoapClient("some.wsdl");

$client = new SoapClient("some.wsdl", array('soap_version'   => SOAP_1_2));

$client = new SoapClient("some.wsdl", array('login'          => "some_name",
'password'       => "some_password"));

$client = new SoapClient("some.wsdl", array('proxy_host'     => "localhost",
'proxy_port'     => 8080));

$client = new SoapClient("some.wsdl", array('proxy_host'     => "localhost",
'proxy_port'     => 8080,
'proxy_login'    => "some_name",
'proxy_password' => "some_password"));

$client = new SoapClient(null, array('location' => "http://localhost/soap.php",
'uri'      => "http://test-uri/"));

$client = new SoapClient(null, array('location' => "http://localhost/soap.php",
'uri'      => "http://test-uri/",
'style'    => SOAP_DOCUMENT,
'use'      => SOAP_LITERAL));


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