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SoapServer::addFunction --  Adds one or several functions those will handle SOAP requests


void SoapServer::addFunction ( mixed functions)

Exports one or more functions for remote clients.

To export one function, pass the function name into the functions parameter as a string. To export several functions pass an array of function names, and to export all functions pass a special constant SOAP_FUNCTIONS_ALL.

functions must receive all input arguments in the same order as defined in the WSDL file (They should not receive any output parameters as arguments) and return one or more values. To return several values they must return an array with named output parameters.

例子 1. Some examples


function echoString($inputString)


echoTwoStrings($inputString1, $inputString2)
    return array(
"outputString1" => $inputString1,
"outputString2" => $inputString2);
$server->addFunction(array("echoString", "echoTwoStrings"));



See also SoapServer::SoapServer(), and SoapServer::SetClass().

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