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sqlite_fetch_single -- Fetches the first column of a result set as a string.


string sqlite_fetch_single ( resource result [, int result_type [, bool decode_binary]])

sqlite_fetch_single() is identical to sqlite_fetch_array() except that it returns the value of the first column of the rowset.

This is the most optimal way to retrieve data when you are only interested in the values from a single column of data.

例子 1. A sqlite_fetch_single() example

if ($dbhandle = sqlite_open('mysqlitedb', 0666, $sqliteerror)) {

$sql = "SELECT id FROM sometable WHERE id = 42";
$res = sqlite_query($dbhandle, $sql);

    if (
sqlite_num_rows($res) > 0) {
sqlite_fetch_single($res); // 42

See also sqlite_fetch_array().

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