(PHP 5 CVS only)

stream_copy_to_stream -- Copies data from one stream to another


int stream_copy_to_stream ( resource source, resource dest [, int maxlength])

Makes a copy of up to maxlength bytes of data from the current position in source to dest. If maxlength is not specified, all remaining content in source will be copied. Returns the total count of bytes copied.

例子 1. stream_copy_to_stream() example

= fopen('', 'r');
$dest1 = fopen('first1k.txt', 'w');
$dest2 = fopen('remainder.txt', 'w');

stream_copy_to_stream($src, $dest1, 1024) . " bytes copied to first1k.txt\n";
stream_copy_to_stream($src, $dest2) . " bytes copied to remainder.txt\n";


See also copy().

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