(PHP 5 CVS only)

stream_socket_accept --  Accept a connection on a socket created by stream_socket_server()


resource stream_socket_accept ( resource server_socket [, int timeout [, string &peername]])

Accept a connection on a socket previously created by stream_socket_server(). If timeout is specified, the default socket accept timeout will be overridden with the time specified in seconds. The name (address) of the client which connected will be passed back in peername if included and available from the selected transport.

peername can also be determined later using stream_socket_get_name().

If the call fails, it will return FALSE.

See also stream_socket_server(), stream_socket_get_name(), stream_set_blocking(), stream_set_timeout(), fgets(), fgetss(), fputs(), fclose(), feof(), and the Curl extension.

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