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SWFMovie->streammp3 -- Streams a MP3 file.


void swfmovie->streammp3 ( string mp3FileName)


本扩展模块是实验性的。该模块的行为,包括其函数的名称以及其它任何关于此模块的文档可能会在没有通知的情况下随 PHP 以后的发布而改变。我们提醒您在使用本扩展模块的同时自担风险。

swfmovie->streammp3() streams the mp3 file mp3FileName. Not very robust in dealing with oddities (can skip over an initial ID3 tag, but that's about it). Like swfshape->addjpegfill(), this isn't a stable function- we'll probably need to make a separate SWFSound object to contain sound types.

Note that the movie isn't smart enough to put enough frames in to contain the entire mp3 stream- you'll have to add (length of song * frames per second) frames to get the entire stream in.

Yes, now you can use ming to put that rock and roll devil worship music into your SWF files. Just don't tell the RIAA.

例子 1. swfmovie->streammp3() example

= new SWFMovie();
// use your own MP3

  // 11.85 seconds at 12.0 fps = 142 frames

header('Content-type: application/x-shockwave-flash');

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