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tidy_parse_file --  Parse markup in file or URI


resource tidy_parse_file ( string filename [, mixed config [, string encoding [, bool use_include_path]]])

This function parses the given file.

The config parameter can be passed either as an array or as a string. If you pass it as a string, it means the name of the configuration file, otherwise it is interpreted as the options themselves. Check http://tidy.sourceforge.net/docs/quickref.html for an explanation about each option.

The encoding parameter sets the encoding for input/output documents. The possible values for encoding are: ascii, latin0, latin1, raw, utf8, iso202, utf16le, utf16be, utf16, mac, win1252, ibm858, big5 and shiftjis.

例子 1. tidy_parse_file() example

= tidy_parse_file('file.html');

$tidy->error_buf)) {
"The following errors or warnings occured:\n";

注: 可选的参数 config_optionsencoding 在 Tidy 2.0 中增加。

See also tidy_parse_string(), tidy_parse_string() and tidy_repair_string().

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