(PHP 4 >= 4.0.5)

yaz_ccl_conf -- Configure CCL parser


int yaz_ccl_conf ( resource id, array config)

This function configures the CCL query parser for a server with definitions of access points (CCL qualifiers) and their mapping to RPN. To map a specific CCL query to RPN afterwards call the yaz_ccl_parse() function. Each index of the array config is the name of a CCL field and the corresponding value holds a string that specifies a mapping to RPN. The mapping is a sequence of attribute-type, attribute-value pairs. Attribute-type and attribute-value is separated by an equal sign (=). Each pair is separated by white space.

例子 1. CCL configuration

In the example below, the CCL parser is configured to support three CCL fields: ti, au and isbn. Each field is mapped to their BIB-1 equivalent. It is assumed that variable $id is the connection ID.

["ti"] = "1=4";
$fields["au"] = "1=1";
$fields["isbn"] = "1=7";
yaz_ccl_conf($id, $fields);

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