XLIX. LZF Functions


LZF is a very fast compression algorithm, ideal for saving space with only slight speed cost. It can be optimized for speed or space at the time of compilation.


LZF is currently available through PECL http://pecl.php.net/package/lzf.

If PEAR is available on your *nix-like system you can use the pear installer to install the LZF extension, by the following command: pear -v install lzf.

You can always download the tar.gz package and install LZF by hand:

例子 1. LZF install by hand

gunzip lzf-xxx.tgz
tar -xvf lzf-xxx.tar
cd lzf-xxx
./configure && make && make install

You can pass --enable-lzf-better-compression to optimize LZF for space rather then speed.

Windows users can download the extension dll php_lzf.dll from http://snaps.php.net/win32/PECL_STABLE/.

lzf_compress --  LZF compression.
lzf_decompress --  LZF decompression.
lzf_optimized_for --  Determines what LZF extension was optimized for.

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