New Functions

In PHP 5 there are some new functions. Here is the list of them:


  • array_combine() - Creates an array by using one array for keys and another for its values

  • array_diff_uassoc() - Computes the difference of arrays with additional index check which is performed by a user supplied callback function

  • array_udiff() - Computes the difference of arrays by using a callback function for data comparison

  • array_udiff_assoc() - Computes the difference of arrays with additional index check. The data is compared by using a callback function

  • array_udiff_uassoc() - Computes the difference of arrays with additional index check. The data is compared by using a callback function. The index check is done by a callback function also

  • array_walk_recursive() - Apply a user function recursively to every member of an array


  • ibase_affected_rows() - Return the number of rows that were affected by the previous query

  • ibase_backup() - Initiates a backup task in the service manager and returns immediately

  • ibase_commit_ret() - Commit a transaction without closing it

  • ibase_db_info() - Request statistics about a database

  • ibase_drop_db() - Drops a database

  • ibase_errcode() - Return an error code

  • ibase_free_event_handler() - Cancels a registered event handler

  • ibase_gen_id() - Increments the named generator and returns its new value

  • ibase_maintain_db() - Execute a maintenance command on the database server

  • ibase_name_result() - Assigns a name to a result set

  • ibase_num_params() - Return the number of parameters in a prepared query

  • ibase_param_info() - Return information about a parameter in a prepared query

  • ibase_restore() - Initiates a restore task in the service manager and returns immediately

  • ibase_rollback_ret() - Rollback transaction and retain the transaction context

  • ibase_server_info() - Request statistics about a database

  • ibase_service_attach() - Connect to the service manager

  • ibase_service_detach() - Disconnect from the service manager

  • ibase_set_event_handler() - Register a callback function to be called when events are posted

  • ibase_wait_event() - Wait for an event to be posted by the database




  • convert_uudecode() - decode a uuencoded string

  • convert_uuencode() - uuencode a string

  • dba_key_split() - Splits a key in string representation into array representation

  • dbase_get_header_info() - Get the header info of a dBase database

  • dbx_fetch_row() - Fetches rows from a query-result that had the DBX_RESULT_UNBUFFERED flag set

  • fbsql_set_password() - Change the password for a given user

  • file_put_contents() - Write a string to a file

  • ftp_alloc() - Allocates space for a file to be uploaded

  • get_declared_interfaces() - Returns an array of all declared interfaces

  • get_headers() - Fetches all the headers sent by the server in response to a HTTP request

  • headers_list() - Returns a list of response headers sent (or ready to send)

  • http_build_query() - Generate URL-encoded query string

  • idate() - Format a local time/date as integer

  • image_type_to_extension() - Get file extension for image-type returned by getimagesize(), exif_read_data(), exif_thumbnail(), exif_imagetype()

  • imagefilter() - Applies Filter an image using a custom angle

  • imap_getacl() - Gets the ACL for a given mailbox

  • ldap_sasl_bind() - Bind to LDAP directory using SASL

  • pcntl_getpriority() - Get the priority of any process

  • pcntl_wait() - Waits on or returns the status of a forked child as defined by the waitpid() system call

  • pg_version() - Returns an array with client, protocol and server version (when available)

  • php_check_syntax() - Check the syntax of the specified file

  • php_strip_whitespace() - Return source with stripped comments and whitespace

  • proc_nice() - Change the priority of the current process

  • pspell_config_data_dir() - Change location of language data files

  • pspell_config_dict_dir() - Change location of the main word list

  • setrawcookie() - Send a cookie with no url encoding of the value

  • snmp_read_mib() - Reads and parses a MIB file into the active MIB tree

  • sqlite_fetch_column_types() - Return an array of column types from a particular table

  • str_split() - Convert a string to an array

  • strpbrk() - Search a string for any of a set of characters

  • substr_compare() - Binary safe optionally case insensitive comparison of two strings from an offset, up to length characters

  • time_nanosleep() - Delay for a number of seconds and nano seconds

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